Monday, October 20, 2008

on the fourth day she cleaned up

Four days in a row - maybe I could have done Blogtoberfest...nah.

About a week ago I posted a question on Ravelry about inexpensive winders and swifts - which I decided I really really needed after my cowgirl fiasco. A number of clever people came up with instructions on how to make one - and I was really hoping it wouldn't come to that when Buttonbrite came up with a great link to here. So I hopped online and bought one - last Thursday I think, maybe wednesday.

So I will set the scene a little more - The pirate is home today with an infected foot and the first mate is here for the day too. It has all been going swimmingly until half an hour ago I could smell something pretty unpleasant and put the question to them.... "has anyone had an accident in their pants?' nooooooo they say as my pirate backs up to the furniture, knowing that I am about to make a lunge for the back of his pants to investigate. He was sent off to the toilet to demonstrate my maternal instincts, and sense of smell, were, of course, right. It took some cleaning up and we were almost through when the first mate came in with a confession and a request for clean underwear too. Another round of clothes, gagging ( it is always much much worse when it isn't your own isn't it?), washing and cleaning up. I am over it and wondering what I could ever do to get my almost 5 year old to GO TO THE TOILET and not try to keep it in. Frustration, weeping and holding back on a big tantrum was how I handled it - mixed in with a little parenting insecurity. The boys are fine and happy, now they are clean.

I was just scrubbing my hands, again, when there was a loud knock at the door - when I got there there was this to be seen...

sorry, couldn't wait to open it. I quickly set the electronic babysitter to 'Toy Story' and opened it properly.

wow. I have no idea how good it is but for $60 it doesn't really matter. And it has orange. I love orange.

there is a small issue of this bit broken off the top of the swift.

I am not sure if I will miss it but will call for a replacement anyway. I really really want to give it a go but have read that skeins should not be wound till they are about to be used. I will just have to finish what I am doing so I can wind something into a ball.

and that's not all - another package arrived too

love the bendy. and I have almost forgotten about the mess in the laundry to deal with.


Leonie said...

Oh man yucky pants are never good to clean up. Why is it "somewhat" easier to cope with nappies than pants. Maybe it is the expectation that pants means no clean up. Hmmm. Luckily for me the last lot of yucky pants got dealt with by the husband as I sat sniggering in another room, Yay for weekends!!! Oh and chuck the lot in a bucket of water and walk away for a while and it dissolves off without too much fuss you have much better things to play with!!!

Bells said...

Well don't those two boxes just make up for the stinking afternoon you just had!!!

camillaknits said...

just snooping the coffeeswapers and came across your blog. btw, the handle off the top of your swift is only necessary if you're re-winding a ball into a skein. I think I've done that once in fifteen years. Not much for back-tracking, I guess. My 3yr. old is still in diapers. You have my deepest respect and sympathies. Camilla