Sunday, October 19, 2008

lemon thingys

Posts three days in a row - this is getting a little frightening, but I wanted to share one of the things in my life I am sure someone can relate to.

You see I have a collection. It isn't much of a collection, but it is mine and I lam quite attached to it. I started it a couple of years ago and have found it a home which serves a very important purpose - it helps me to not notice, as much, this hideousness.

Slate. Miles of the stuff. Dark and brown.

My kitchen is huge, dark and very, very brown. Someone back in the late 70's decided slate made a great splashback. So they put it along two full walls - that is 8 lineal metres of slate.

The copper range hood and stove are pretty special - and so I can imagine the pitch - "why not keep the theme going and put in gorgeous slate tiling - it is the latest thing". And why not indeed? it goes with all the other brown.

This is all bad news for me in the 00's with a long time aversion to slate. It gets worse too - the most frightening thing is that it has a backing that may or may not be asbestos, so I can't pull it down till I want to spend a lot of money. So this is my solution till I decide on the best one....

so that is 8 juicers - another 50 or so should do the job don't you think?


Bells said...

ha! that is so cool. I really like that. I have never heard of such a collection, but now that I've seen one, it makes so much sense. And God yes, that slate really does need breaking up, doesn't it!

Thanks for sharing!

Leonie said...

That's a really cool collection and looks like it is quite necessary too! Slate on floors I don't mind, on walls? Nah not a good look. We grew up with an orange one just like that single green one in the second picture.
PS knitting occurs after the kids are in bed or while I'm sitting in the garden watching them play, good thing I don't need much sleep!

Kuka said...

oh, I love them!!! =)