Monday, September 22, 2008


Spring is here and it comes with the trots, but not that kind.

Have you ever noticed how the spring air carries more noise? or is it just that more happens?
All I know is that I live close to the showgrounds and I can hear the trots being called as I write this and it takes me back to being 7 and being taken along with my grandparents to a race night - and being bored totally rigidly senseless. If only I had known how to knit.

Jenolan caves was fun - the pirate was very impressed, especially with the wombat skeleton in the cave. We had the whole Gatehouse to ourselves, which was a blessing because we were NOISY. We had 4 boys between 3 and 6 and they had lots of fun in an old building with a fantastic echo.

I thought I would have mountains of time for knitting in the mountains but in fact didn't do nearly as much as I planned. I did made some progress , but I spent a great deal of my time time untangling a skein of wool - in fact about 5 hours all up I think. It all started cause the cowgirl yarn arrived the day I left and it needed to be wound for use. I thought it was a good time to start after the third bottle of champagne had been opened. Any knitter with more experience, and sense, than me would say that was a dumb thing to do - and now I can more confidentally count myself as an experienced knitter cause I finished untangling after the 4th bottle of champagne and the 2nd bottle of wine had long been done with and everyone else was fast asleep.

but, the good part of the story is my sister took pity and has offered to buy a winder and swift so I never, ever, have to do that again. However, on the bad side I think it has turned her off taking up knitting, forever.


Michelle said...

I used to be the ball winder and Mr QM was the swift, but he used to get bored, relaxied his arms and it would be all over red rover, with lots of cursing besides.

Thankfully I bought a ball winder and swift and it's been happy families ever since!

Glad your weekend was lovely. Bet the weather was beautiful too!

Bells said...

oh what a way to learn! I think many of us learned the hard way. You'll never look back once you get your winder and swift!