Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This little one moved into our chook pen yesterday. I was surprised to see her still there this morning so gave her some seed and kept her company for a while. I though she must be very old and had visions of creating a dignified last days/weeks by feeding her and leaving her to hang with the hens.

I rang the RSPCA wildlife unit this morning for advice and was sadly told she probably has a debilitating illness called beak and feather disease. So tonight I will need to catch her and take her to the RSPCA to be euthanised. I am not looking forward to it and before I do this I wanted to share a small life.
Post script.. the chookatoo went off to the vet that very afternoon where they confirmed it was indeed beak and feather disease. She put up a bit of a fight but was treated well and euthanised straight away. The disease is apparently species specific and can't affect the chooks ( phew). My neighbour over the back told me how upset the chooks were with her company and how she thought with all the carry-on one might have an egg stuck! It is a shame - I loved the idea of a resident cockatoo and it is a pretty awful disease to catch. bye chookatoo


Michelle said...

Beak and Feather disease is nasty for the cockies. I bet she's still showing a lot of character though. I don't envy you having to take her in to the RSPCA, but at least she won't have to suffer much longer.

Bells said...

Oh that's awful. What a nasty thing to have to go through. Poor old chookatoo.

msaims said...

oh gosh. that's tough! can it infect your chookies?

her last days spent in a lovely surround with the love of a kind soul, couldn't wish for more.

you're a certified cockatoo angel!!

Anonymous said...

It is a nasty thing. If she has it, she wouldn't survive for long in the wild. Poor old thing.