Sunday, September 14, 2008

oh, I have been tagged

My blogging news has been a bit thin this week. I have been recovering from the flu and trying to catch up on things like the washing. Not very exciting at all. But I have been saved from not much to say because I have been tagged – by Bells. I now know some very interesting things about Bells and am trying very hard to get my head around her inability to smell anthing. This is the first time I have been tagged - and it is both exciting and frightening at the same time –I have performance anxiety. I have a very ordinary life without many really interesting bits but will give it a go....

Seven random things about me

1. I am a single mother by choice – which is kind of an odd term, as I don’t know anyone who would have made that choice given the option of a great partner. I haven’t met my son’s father but can’t wait till he can and to say how thankful I am for his generousity and faith. I have also created a mini-me and am so desperate to see if there is anything of the donor in this little being. I spent the last 9 weeks of my pregancy in a brisbane hospital– trying not to have my baby after my waters broke at 25 weeks. In hospital I learnt to knit and it, along with radio national, kept me sane. Quite a few of the nurses went home with tea cosies!

2. I am learning french – I have a french sister- in- law and so there is some incentive. It is great fun but really hard. In high school my parents wanted me to do a language and I was very shy. The idea of oral exams terrified me so I chose the language no one expected you so speak – Latin. Now it seems a pretty ridiculous decision.

3. I tried to learn guitar as a teenager – but discovered I have absolutely no sense of rythm. And don’t ask me to sing – is is truly bad and even my son begs me to stop.

4. I too can’t stand feet – they are horrid repulsive things

5. I moved to Queensland a few years ago to live communally with friends, make things, grow things, be self sufficient as much as possible and live simply. But I discovered I couldn’t quite embrace the lack of security and ended up taking a sensible job and having a pretty standard life in a not very standard place.

6. I like old things and truly hate aluminium windows - so of course my house has all aluminium windows, and so did the last one. I had really really wanted to find one that had wooden windows this time.

7. I went to an all girls public high school – our town didn’t have any cooed options. This school was across the road from maximum security prison and we would watch the armed wardens walking the top of the walls during class. There was a fire alarm and jail break alarm. If the jail break alarm went off we had to lock the door and hide under the desks. It was all very silly and was often confused with the fire alarm during drills.

This post is edited because I am a bit slow and only just realised I am meant to tag some others - and so now to tag some cool bloggers -

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And for some knitting news - I finished another beanie today, the new owner took off with it before I had a chance to take a photos so I will have to get that another time... and thanks to Bells now know why my socks weren’t working. This week was my first snb – and I can’t wait till the next one. What a wonderful bunch of women.

And I have discovered how to get my hands on beautiful yarn very very cheaply. It is called a sister. I have offered to make some things for her baby – if my sister buys the yarn. I have now introduced her to the wonderful world of online yarn shops and she has made a magnificent choice of something very very gorgeous. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Maybe it will be here tomorrow... I promise some show and tell when it arrives.


Georgie said...

Thats both very disturbing and hilarious about your school and the alarms!

I too hate aluminium windows, horrid things. Yet our houses always seem to have them too! Its a curse, Im sure!

Bells said...

Oh what an interesting story that is about how you came to be a mother. I confess I am intrigued. Your little boy is so adorable.

Good work on getting your sister involved! That's a win win situation!

Michelle said...

Your choice to be a single mother has just made you even cooler in my eyes!

I too hate aluminium windows. We are cursed with them here too, but do have 3 original wooden windout windows which I treasure. Oh to have the money to replace all the aluminium with lovely white wooden windows!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks for the tag but I think I covered it with my original 100 things meme:

Feel free to chose 7 at random! :-)

Grand Purl Baa said...

I love that you learned to knit while keeping your baby safe and warm a bit longer. That's just perfect somehow. One of the most poignant 'learn to knit' stories I've ever heard.