Wednesday, March 31, 2010

where do you keep your spoon?

The pirate has new friend at school. This is a huge achievement for him. School friends are not something he does well.

It is a boy in his class - I mentioned I didn't know which one he was. I got a description. With hand actions.

pirate - he is the one with the head like this (hands but a big bulge on the top of his head)
me - really??
pirate - and a forehead like this (hands make a ridiculously high forehead)
pirate - but he doesn't have a spoon on it or a spoon mark ( holds a spoon across his forehead)
me - why would he have a spoon mark?
exasperated pirate - I said he didn't have a spoon mark!!
me with new approach - it would be awful if he did have a spoon mark
pirate - yes all the kids would tease him a lot at school.
me - do you know someone with a spoon on their forehead?
Pirate with that mum has lost it look - No

any suggestions on the spoon impregnated forehead?

Oh and definitely patching the puppy - all is not lost!


Leonie said...

Kids are so great, just love their descriptions of stuff, especially people, they have such a different perspective, although I too am lost on the spoon!

Happy to hear the puppy will be rescued he's very cute.

Olivia said...

No idea about the spoons! But the photo is priceless.

Michelle said...

Oh, too funny! (I have visions of little boys with massive foreheads with spoons embedded in them though!)

Jodie said...

spoon shaped birthmark ??

who knows???

Sarah said...

Brilliant - the next time I describe someone I shall say - no spoon on thier forehead and see what response I get