Wednesday, October 28, 2009

keeping mum

I can't say much at the moment - I am making swap and present thingys and I really really want to show them off. But I can't.

There are other things afoot in the house of sprout. The pirate is having his big 6 birthday party tomorrow. It is way too exciting. Think of me after school with 8 little kindy boys being sugared up and destroying the house.

I will leave you with a photo my almost 6 boy took of us today. I have given him an old camera and suddenly he is no longer camera shy. Why didn't I try that 3 years ago when he stopped consenting to be photographed? He does need some tips on composition, focus, closeups and using a flash...... then we may even get a shot in focus. And I do need to get him to take photos of something other than cartoons on tv.

Isn't he lovely?


Michelle said...

Happy birthday to the Pirate!

Hope you have a lovely birthday party tomorrow (and I hope the other kids take it easy on your lovely mum).

With a Q said...

Wishing the Pirate a very happy birthday.

And on photos, he will get it with practice. Just let him roll with it a while. I think it is so cute!