Sunday, August 30, 2009

it's OK, I guess

I have finished Amelia.

She is nice but she does not set my world on fire like Flair did.

She is a serviceable and comfortable cardigan - but no fashion statement.

Maybe it is the yarn - Rowan felted tweed.
Maybe it is the pattern
Maybe it is the colour - brown.

she is rather unexciting.

don't you hate that?


Leonie said...

Serviceable and comfortable = worn forever!

Michelle said...

I love brown but it always makes me feel invisible unless I wear something red or bright green with it. I'm a lot darker than you though so a different colour again may work for you with the brown.

Put a big brooch on it and different beads and watch it change. Trust me.

Personally, I love it. And it looks comfy so double points in my book.

Bells said...

yep, I love it but I agree with Michelle - something to enhance it will be an accessory of some kind. I reckon it'll be fab then!

I still want to make one.

Olivia said...

I think it's lovely, but maybe you'll feel better with a brooch like the others suggest. Bright red or pink? (Or both together - I love that combo)

Rose Red said...

Bummer. I'm always so excited that I've actually finished a garment for me that I love it no matter what.

Maybe it is the brown, and maybe accessories or a bright top underneath will help. I think it looks great.

dr k said...

i kind of feel the same way about the brown lily i am wearing at the moment, but i know it serves a very useful purpose, and i know that one looks great on you!

dillpickle said...

How disappointing. Though I think she looks great - fabulously comfortable and cozy :-) One of the reasons I'm yet to embark on a big knitting project is because I'm scared I wont like it when it's finished!

BTW - pull out the day bag pattern. Nicole gives such detailed instructions that I think that even I will end up with something that looks vaguely like it should!

Jodie said...

Or maybe she is a timeless classic?