Saturday, August 29, 2009

gal in boots

Recently a fellow blogger told me that my avatar had worried her - either I was very very ill or a radical performance artist who wore too much make up. I promised that I would reveal the background sometime.

Years ago I moved to the hinterland behind Noosa to work less, grow more and make things. It was a very creative and productive time for me. Things were sprouting in more ways than one. The local rainforest vegetation mesmorised me. I became obsessed with seed pods - all the wonderful variety of them. They became a symbol of this period of creative and personal growth. They turned up in everything I did - prints, ceramics, paintings. I even named my design business after them.

We were very lucky to have ceramic studio in our little town. I enrolled instantly - keen to nurture my developing love of this craft. Ceramics and pods converged in this little work.

I wanted more.

Around this time I became involved in the management of a local community arts centre. I learnt about grant writing. I had always loved the work of Bev Hogg and had worked with her on the upgrade of Dickson Shops in Canberra a couple of years previous (in my day job as a landscape architect). I asked Bev if she would do a weekend workshop if we got a grant.

We did. She did. It was magnificent.

And now I get to the point - the work I started at that workshop and lovingly developed over the following weeks was my 'Gal in Boots' - complete with a pod under her arm and boots to deal with the mud (there was lots of mud).

She has always had pride of place in my house and been kept safe from tottering toddlers. After the pirate, she is the thing I would rescue in a fire. She is also my avatar and model for knitted hats.

And now my life has moved on and back to Canberra, away from the heat, the lack of options for young people, the growing number of retirees. My creative life self is satisified with other pursuits, for now. One day I will get back to ceramics. It is in my bones.


twitchy fingers said...

She's even more spectacular for the story of how she came to be! My word verification is supsis - what's up sis! Better than the muffe I reckon!

Rose Red said...

How cool - thanks for sharing this! I love the gal in the pod too.

Jodie said...

AHA ! Thanks so much for sharing , I just knew there had to be story behind that avatar. It sounds like an excitig time in your life and those woman are amazing!

Bells said...

you know I've often wondered about your avatar. Now we know. Fantastic. She's a work of art!

Leonie said...

I've always really loved her hair!

Olivia said...

I love seeing both of these pieces! Hope you get to make more soon.