Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am a strong believer in putting what you need out to the universe and most of the time it will work out for you, it sounds a little new age, but that is not where I am coming from, and it works.

For instance I wanted to move back to Canberra and I wanted a little house in the inner north that would be sunny and warm and within my price range, which was really very low for the area. Friends doubted and counselled me to be more realistic. But my little house came through with $500 to spare and a location which couldn't have been better.

I needed support and community and who should be across the road but the first-mate and family. I had met them briefly a couple of times over the years through mutual friends. I had last met them several years before when we both became god-parents to two lovely boys. It was destined to go on in this way, but my little house is across the road from theirs, and they had a boy the pirate's age. It is the universe I tell you.

(We won't talk about them moving right now)

And now it has worked for me again - at a smaller scale. I recently indulged in a beautiful set of harmony interchangeables. I love them. The set came with 4 cables - plenty you would think.

it isn't.

I have a few projects on the go - like the box-lace wrap, a touch yarns ribbed vest and of course my Amelia.

I am up to the sleeves on the Amelia - it is one of those patterns where you keep the body on hold while you knit the sleeves and then attach them all together for the shoulders and finale. For the first sleeve I ended up using my 120cm cable - it is ridiculously long and I spend more time feeding it through than I do actually knitting I am sure. I was thinking I really needed to get myself some more cables.

Last night I came home to a wonderful package on the verandah. It is part of the birthday swap and now it is my turn to be treated. Guess what was in the parcel? Of course you did - a shorter interchangeable cable. The added beauty of this is that last night I started the second sleeve and I didn't have to put everything onto waste yarn - I just started up with the new cable.

Thank you universe - and toffle, for this and the rest of my wonderful gift.


Leonie said...

The world works in mysterious ways indeed. Nice timing with the needles and cable, saw "Toffle" this morning, she's pretty into these swaps! She's at my regular SnB on Tuesday mornings. Hope your Birthday was a good one!

Bells said...

oh yes, sometimes the universe does indeed provide!

Rose Red said...

Oh, nice!!! (I have to admit, I have quite a few more cables now than the set came with!! Hence many many wips as well!!)

And, hello! Happy Birthday!!!

dr k said...

ah well this restores my faith! i shall tighten my grip on some things im trying to control and see what the universe throws my way. i dont need any cables tho....and yes, happy birthday!!

Emma said...

I like your philosophy. Perhaps I should start putting things to the universe, and if it's meant to be, it'll happen.

and of course, happy birthday!

dr k said...

you know, i meant to say 'loosen' my grip. how freudian is that?!