Monday, July 27, 2009

last of the deadlies

We have been back almost a week and the holiday is starting to fade in the hurly burly of daily life. However, I am not quite done with tales of food and near death experiences and so make this one last post - then you will hear no more of it, I promise.

I have photos of delicious things to eat - all collected on our camping trip. First we had cockles, then mud muscles, sea snails and finally Long Bums (yes really!). They were all delicious and even the pirate couldn't get enough.

And as for the deadlies - the small people and I shared a rockpool with a blue ringed octopus - which managed to swim right between us. I had always wondered what an encounter would be like.

Then, on the last day, we went for a walk along a beautiful beach. We stopped for a moment or two for my brother to do a little fishing. He spotted a large crocodile swimming past and we all watched it heading out to sea.

Then it vanished.

It came up a couple of minutes later much closer and followed us all along the beach for a few hundred metres hovering about 15m off shore. It made its move when we reached a narrow part of the beach where it came right up to the waters edge, had a very good look at us and seriously considered having a go.

It was nice to make it back to the safety of the car. My photos didn't come out very well at all - but the circled black dot off shore is it waiting till we reached the narrow bit.


nettie said...

Wow! What an amazing holiday. You and the pirate can talk about this for weeks and months and years. Until the next one!!

Michelle said...

Nooooooo!!!! I want to hear more about your holiday! The crocodile story is pretty amazing. They do like to stalk people up the beach.

Anna said...

I've really enjoyed reading your holiday posts, exciting and scary though some aspects are! It was interesting getting a glimpse into an indigenous way of life.