Friday, March 27, 2009


Autumn is here - rejoice, rejoice. The Cockatoos are making a racket and doing a wonderful job of pruning the elm in the backyard.

photo from here

I has been another long hot summer - I really am not made for an Australian summer - I am made for Scotland. Now it's finally cooler in the morning, the air is crisp, the light is softer and I have more energy. I will be a very happy sprout when I know the last 30 deg day for the season is past and this coolness is with us for many months. As you know the past few weeks have been very, very busy here. But the end is in sight and Autumn will be the perfect time to give my garden some long needed attention - it will be good, good, good for my soul.

Autumn will be the season I finish my Flair. I am finally up to the band and only have the sleeves to go. It is looking quite nice, the malabrigo is magnificient - but it has taken so long if it doesn't look perfect when I put it on I will be quite miserable.

Autumn will be the season I will finish my cable rib socks, only started to prevent me going insane with plain knitting. These ones travel in my bag and I was lucky enough yesterday to have two meetings in the wonderful Australian National Botanic Gardens with a half hour gap between. The stress falls away in a place like this.

Being in the gardens I recalled the expression 'feel blue, touch green' -and so I touched all the green I needed to get me through the day.


Sarah said...

Love the orange for your Flair - what a perfect autumnal shade

Anonymous said...

We are kindred spirits. I'm also made with the highlands in mind and thrive in the cooler weather. I also dislike pink. Glad you are taking a break from all that stocking stitch if it is doing your head in a bit. I find it very relaxing myself, but I'm a bit odd. :) Love the colour you chose. It's very vibrant.

Michelle said...

What a perfect setting for some therapeutic knitting! It's so nice to take the peace and quiet and just sit and be comfortable with your own thoughts.

Hope this week is a good one for you.