Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am true to my word - eventually.

Recently the Canberra Spinners and Weavers advertised a spinning class and was overrun with knitting ravelers wanting to learn to spin thanks to someone putting the word out.

I loved the 3 hours of adult time each Thursday night learning a new skill. I loved the feel of the fibre in my hands and the rhythm of the treadle. I loved seeing what everyone made and how each of us found a different part of the process came more easily.
And at the end of it all I came up with this.

I love it - I love that from fleece came something amazing. I love that it is so silly looking in its imperfection. I love that it is something to get better at.

now I just need to find more time.


Michelle said...

Oh, they are lovely!

If you find that extra time, let me know where you found it. I need some too!

Bec said...

Another one looking for more time? Sounds like me too!

Spinning looks great - I have the wheel just lacking the skills, time, fibre and quiet house to do it all in!

Bells said...

Yay you got there! Like me! Hard stuff that spinning, isn't it? but your skein is gorgeous. I gave up on the grey stuff. I couldn't manage it!

kms said...

nice work! i admire your perseverance and patience :)

nettie said...

Lovely spun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Well done. That looks great for a first attempt!! :)

Carrie said...

We now need paid month off work nso that we can fully indulge in the fun that is spinning! I can't wait to give the fibre you gave me for a birthday a spin :) your yarn looks lovely.