Monday, January 19, 2009

we have a winner

Oh people - here and on ravelry - thank you for the dyeing disaster suggestions. Of course you were right. It was all to do with not dissolving the dye. Look at this magic.

Ignore the slight white fluff on the yarn. It is this stuff we have been given to practice on from the spinning class I have been going too. I swear the house looks like I own a huge white dog - or even bear, it gets everywhere.

Of course I did manage to make the same mistake again, with the dyeing that is. This time I really really thought the dye would have dissolved but was using a different colour and, well, it hadn't, dissolved that is. Not enough. It was awful too because I could see it happening and even though I frantically tried to mix it in all I ended up with was slightly tangled yarn.

I am thrilled though - and thrilled with the subtle colour change I am getting, thrillled. Did I say thrilled? I can't wait to do more of this now what I know what to do. My next challenge is green.

This first black spot -less skein of gorgeous orange is for my orange swap spoilee. As is this little project bag I have made. This is a taster - more details once the package is received.


Sarah said...

Yay success!

Bec said...

Congratulations! The yarn looks great. Loving the fabric on the project bag as well.

Rose Red said...

Oh, the yarn looks great - fab colour! And the bag is fantastic too. I'm still working on my orange swap stuff too. I think my package is on the light side though, after seeing others on Ravelry already. I think yours will be great (please let me be your swap pal!!!) heh!

Georgie said...

Excellent! I am not, typically, a fan of orange, but that is really lovely. Good work on sorting out the problem.

I am however a big fan of green, so cant wait to see whats next out of your dyepot!