Friday, January 30, 2009

big changes

I have a little to post - but life has been so busy I have not been able to catch up. There has been sewing, knitting, dyeing and spinning at sprout central but the biggest thing in our life at the moment is that the pirate has his first day of school on Monday.

and all I want to do is hold on to him so tight that he stays my little pirate and doesn't grow up.

and not weep when I talk about it, write about it or think about it - or meet the teacher, like I did today.

I feel like he is being taken away from me and that there must be someone out there I can beg with to keep him close.

and this has really really surprised me cause he has been in childcare full time for years and intellectually I am excited in the world that school will open up to him.

emotions are strange things


Leonie said...

Big changes over here too. My oldest heads off to prep on Monday as well. Number 2 starts kinder the following week. Baby starts childcare one day a week from next week and he has already expressed his sincere dislike of the idea (bugger). He had his last feed of mummy milk on the 17th and that date will be etched in my mind forever. So far not too emotional but I'm pretty sure Monday will be a whole different story. Commiserations from a mother in arms.

Sarah said...

They are indeed - hope it goes well on Monday

Bells said...

Oh I can imagine this is a most poignant and reflective time. He's such a little boy - and he won't be for much longer.

Michelle said...

I hope he has a fabulous day tomorrow, and most importantly I hope you have a great day too! Just think of all the stories he's going to tell you when he gets home.