Wednesday, December 3, 2008


You might recall I got involved in a swap. It was a coffee and yarn swap. Two of my favourite things. I will tell you all about it while watching a new episode from the wonderful Wallace and Gromit on aunty. Gromit is the only knitting dog I know of.

This week was delivery day - and as my package reached its spoilee in Canada something wonderful arrived here for me. I had to collect it from the post office - and it was HUGE. see? -

You will have noticed it is open - through some very unsafe one handed driving I managed to open the corner and fumble around inside - too excited to wait till I got home this evening.

Inside I found the most wonderful assortment of treasures. First there was something so soft and squishy - 2 alpaca mix yarns, then not one, but two bags of organic coffee beans, next I found a box - and when I finally wriggled it out it was a fabulous Stephanie Pearl McPhee desk calendar, and then I found some wonderful dark chocolate (my favourite), and lastly a beautiful handmade and felted green bag. Finally I got home and was able to have a proper look and read the card.

Thank you so much Martha- you have made me very happy. What fun this is.

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