Tuesday, August 26, 2008

beanies and cucumbers

I finished the beanie. Now I have started on other beanie for a friend but this time I am getting to play with the great collection of yarns I got from the Craft and Quilt show. It should be gorgeous.

And today the pirate quietly told me he wanted to see a dead person. A dead person ? says I trying not to worry I was raising a serial killer. yes he wants to see inside their body to see how it all works. that's not so bad. So we got talking about a friend who is a doctor and sometimes gets to perform caesarians. I was careful to talk about anesthetic, just in case he wanted to take his curiosity to the next level. Ah, says he, that is when they use the cucumbers. Cucumbers? yes they put them over the people's eyes when they are asleep and Iain (our friend and soon to be proud owner of the finished beanie) has lots of cucumbers so he can put them on eyeballs.

I must keep an look out for all those cucumbers next time I go to a hospital.


Bells said...

oh kids are priceless, aren't they?

Lovely beanie!

Kuka said...

teehee, I always wondered about the therapeutic benefits of cucumber!!