Saturday, January 16, 2010


well that was christmas 09. I took a little while to get over it. I won't bore you with all the details - it was busy. it was fun. it was productive.

it was too short.

here is a snippet which includes presents, renovations, a broken arm, the first visit of the tooth fairy, knitting, walking in the mountains, lounging in the mist, a new bike for the pirate, a letter from santa, a letter to santa, heatwaves, vegies, job applications, visitors, friends, parties, naps, sewing, cleaning, freecycle, plans, crushes, wine, champagne, grandparents, air conditioning, travel, new friends, new resolutions, new plans, and a whole lot of love and friendship

Honestly I think I am the luckiest person alive with the friends I have and the support I get. I hope you are as lucky.

And what did I learn these holidays?
that my aircon does work, that freecycling can get rid of mountains of stuff and it feels very very good, that the tooth fairy can remember to come, that a waterproof cast does exist, that it does not come in green, that it costs quite a bit, that you can knit a scarf and not go insane, that stones and a mountain stream can keep 4 boys under 8 occupied for hours, that march flies like blue, that it does get hot in Guthega, that you can get good coffee in Cooma, that knitting socks from the toe up is fun, that you can find a pattern for pants that isn't too bad, that having an oven again is magic, that the pirate can cope with a broken arm without too much problem, that a child can have a broken arm for days and a mother not be sure it really is hurt, that new birkenstocks feel fabulous, that shopping for clothes and fabric after a fabric and clothes diet feels fantastic, that leaving salmon in the car in 5 days of over 35deg isn't at all good, that eggplants produce very very well and peas only grow with mulch and much much more.

I hope your 2010 is a lovely one.


Rose Red said...

Sounds like a busy, mostly lovely, time - with lots of valuable lessons! Broken arm, oh my!

Olivia said...

Phew indeed! Glad the pirate coped ok with the injury. I love the way you sewed on/embroidered around the buttons on those cup cosies!

twitchy fingers said...

You'll need another holiday to get over your holidays! Glad to see you back!

Sarah said...

Phew indeed - love the way you've written this - and well done for all you've learnt!

Melissa said...

Lovely post. I too have left smoked salmon stuffed in a pocket of the esky for a very long time in the hot summer and yes it wasn't pretty. It was also over a summer visit to the snowy mountains. And mountain streams - rocks, water, boys = magic. Sounds like a wonderful holiday - sorry about the broken arm though.

DrK said...

wow you were busy! it sounds amazing, and im sure the broken arm, while painful, will provide lots of grist for the pirate adventure stories. and glad to hear you were well looked after too.

Michelle said...

What an adventure you've both had! Love all the photos. Sorry to hear about the broken arm, but I'm sure Bear Juice helps with the night time grizzles.

BTW - received your envelope under the door. Meant to email you but then totally forgot with all the Christmas shenanigans. Thank you!

Bec said...

Sounds like you both had a lovely break (lol - excuse the pun!) - hope the arm is on the mend now.