Wednesday, December 16, 2009

creative space

I recently went to a party. It was a very unusual event for me.

It was fancy dress - I would have said I hated fancy dress but I made a decision to just go with it. And several hours before the event I finally decided on a costume. Obi-wan.

In what will seem a theme, I made the costume at a friends house while we were there for a leisurely lunch. As soon as work started I had 5 small boys all playing starwars around and on the sewing machine with little figures. The excitement was palpable and I must say there is little better way to impress a 6 year old son than to decide to be a jedi. way cool.

The costume wasn't bad. The party was fabulous. I crawled into bed at 3.30 in the morning.

At 6am the pirate woke me. He NEEEeeeeDED to get that costume on.

Given all the interest I decided that Jedi cloaks should be the christmas present this year, so when the pirate and I were invited back to visit the first mate on the weekend it had to be on the condition of taking the sewing.

Again I took over a friends dining table for the jedi cause.

and because sewing lots of brown poplin on a hot day does get tedious I had a little support.

6 down and 2 to go.


Grand Purl Baa said...

Aw come on now. That's not fair. Where is the pic of you all dressed up!?

Dr K said...

that is sooo cool. may the force be with you all this christmas!

Michelle said...

I'm surprised that Little Toyota didn't fight you for the beer. I neglected to tell you about it's usual habit of G and Ts after quilting workshops.