Monday, November 30, 2009


I don't know about you but a blog break makes me all anxious about where to start. I was computerless for a couple of weeks and now I have things to share that seem so old news.

I have been doing a mindfulness meditation course these past few weeks. Last week we were discussing depression. How simple things can become when they are broken down, as my teacher did explaining depression as a conglomeration of emotions - including, particularly for some, loneliness. I had never thought about it this way before, but loneliness was put simply as a need to share.



It struck me how blogging is important for me as a place to share a part of myself and to be encouraged, as we all need, and for me to take a step out of the way of depression.

And a gorgeous handmade wool covered one at that.

Thank you for sharing.

The photos are of recently FOs - Hedera Socks, French Press Knits slippers finished, and seeing as they are so very good, a second pair, which were sent on their birthday way without a completed photograph. Sometimes giving is just too exciting to remember the photographs.


Michelle said...

It's one of the reasons I blog.

Thank YOU for sharing!

Sarah said...

To share my creations and share in and be inspired by others is such a big part of the joy of blogging.

Love your creations, I'm convinced the only way back after a break is to plunge on in there, much of my ability to blog seems to come from keeping up the flow otherwise things can seem perhaps too small to share - when really I think it's all about celebrating the small things :)

Bells said...

yep you said it nicely.

and great FOs! So glad to see the Hedera's finished!

kms said...

great FOs, the slippers are fantastic! and blogging is a perfect outlet for all those reasons, im glad you are still doing it.

Bec said...

Awesome FOs ;-)

Katt said...

love the felted slippers!! great colours in them :)