Thursday, September 3, 2009

what next in my creative space?

This week my creative space is still, except for knitting of course. I have about a million sewing projects I want to start right now. But I am spinning in circles trying to decide which way to go.

Will it be the purchase from this site ? When I came across it I immediately rang my sister - the one with more income than me and a very cute 2 yr old girl - I had to get my hands on this and I knew she would love it and happily indulge me so I could indulge her daughter. The kit arrived yesterday. I would show the really really cute packaging ..... but I didn't stop long enough to take a photo.

Will it be the Day Bag for my friend, using some blue corduroy and some fabric I picked up in Melbourne?

or a bag from the felted op shop jumper hanging on the line?

or perhaps a cute softie from tthe softies book the girl across the street just got for her birthday and we are all so excited about,

or more pants for the pirate - like these ones, which I am told are 'to weird to wear mum'

or, or, or ?


Michelle said...

We have the same clothkit! At least we can rely on each other for support should things go awry!!

Decisions, decisions. It's a nice quandary to have, non?

Sarah said...

Ooh that lovely phase of deciding what to plump for - what fun!

june at noon said...

It's a good problem, to have so many great things to choose from. Good luck deciding!

Kirsty said...

I love that clothkit. Hope you had a great day making...whatever you decided on in the end.

tea with lucy said...

I know that feeling well. Spinning in circles. And then seeing all these creative spaces just adds more "must dos" to the list!