Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a little greener

Lately I have been thinking more about how I am impacting on the planet. Every so often my energy and commitment to this surges - maybe it is a spring thing.

I have already ticked all the usual boxes - energy saving light globes, shower head, composting, recycling etc, but I know I could do much better. I have signed up for the million women campaign to support a great cause and also to remind me to do the right thing.

I am loving reading a blog about just one ordinary woman's efforts and the big and little things she can do and I am inspired. I have been trying to not buy, to consume less. It isn't easy at all, in fact I am finding it really tough. Buying things feels good, lets face it.

I have bought some great yarn and fabric lately, and received some fantastic swap gifts. For the remainder of 2009, I vow to not buy any new materials - no yarn, no fabric, no buttons, no clothes, nothing.

It is going to hurt, but I hope to finish a whole heap of projects I bought gear for but haven't got around to starting, and get into some more upcycling. Will you join me?

I also want to thank you so much for your encouragement when I was panicing about presenting at the conference. It really did help. I did it. It went well. I could do it again now. And it is going to look great on a CV!


Olivia said...

I'm with you, I've been on a gradual path to consuming less and reusing more for a while now. Been thinking about a blog post or two on the topic. Some of it is so entrenched, it really is a gradual process.

Congratulations on doing the conference paper! I'm so glad it went well.

Rose Red said...

I can't promise not to buy any new materials - but I am definitely cutting back (not just on crafting stuff), and it does feel good.

dillpickle said...

Wow, that's brave! I've only rediscovered crafting recently (since becoming a mum), so my stash is still quite small. I'm also incredibly disorganised, so keep realising after I think I have everything for a project that I'm missing elastic. Or thread. Or the right size knitting needles! I'm looking forward to having a stash of notions that will let me finish projects purchase free at times!

Sarah said...

Ah being greener is something I'm always trying to be mindful of though too often it becomes a case of greenie guilt rather than action. I'll aim for the more action!

dr k said...

that is a pretty big committment, very admirable! and yay about the conference, so glad to hear it.

nettie said...

Yes! I'm with you. I tried this a couple of years ago - my pledge then was no new clothes, books or CDs for 6 months. It's not so hard. I'll join this pledge - apart from a potential minor lapse when I am on hols in November. Hey, at least I'm admitting it.

Given I have enough fabric and yarn to last me the rest of my life, I really do need to start using it.