Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The pirate, who is doing much better than I expected, went to a holiday program arts class yesterday with Creative Catalyst. The theme for the day was road warriors.

This is the pirate's invention. Complete with Star Wars Cockpit.

I went to collect him in the afternoon and stayed for half an hour playing with tools, wire and cardboard! It was magic in a room full of happy kids making a huge mess.

I don't know about the pirate, but I can't wait till the next time.


Sarah said...

Oh isn't that awesome - I want a go too!

Hope you and the Pirate bear up well and can go and visit your friends some time soon.

Jodie said...

Its a bit like when i get to hang out in the art room at school...I just love it !!!

Michelle said...

I want to go with the Pirate next time too!! Looks like way too much fun was had. Isn't it lovely when young imaginative minds are allowed to go wild?