Friday, August 14, 2009

wingnut wendy

My 9 yr old neighbour is facinated by the whole Toy Society thing.

So I made a toy and showed her how it goes.

She was interested to a point.

Really I think she just wants to find one.

But then wouldn't you?

Meet Wingnut Wendy (in honour of my wingnut pirate).

Wendy was left at Dickson Library yesterday.

I wonder where she is now.


dr k said...

i know i would be a very happy person (even as an adult!) to find something that cute just begging to be taken home!

Michelle said...

I've just posted yours on the Toy Society blog. I love Wingnut Wendy! Wonder who found her?

Sarah said...

Oh yes - what a lovely surprise it would be to find something so cute - what a great thing to do for someone :)

Emma said...

Wingnut Wendy's lovely! I wonder where she is now...

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Here's hoping someone has Wignut Wendy as we speak - she's too cute to be left on the shelf, or wall rather!

fenandned said...

Hi, Thanks for popping over, we have a Ned in common and are both single mums but unfortunately I don't have as much talent as you! I love Wingnut Wendy and the toy society is great, I just went and had a nose and joined, thanks, Take Care,
Sarah x