Sunday, August 9, 2009

tales of seduction part 3

I have been buying books - like this

Now I need more time to make things.

like this

I have the perfect old velvet curtain I picked up at an op shop a hundred years ago

and this

This may leave you with a mental image you don't need - but I have a big head. I usually can't get hats to fit. The ability to make a cute cloth hat that fits my head without inflicting pain fills me with happy thoughts.

and so the seduction continues.


Rose Red said...

I'm not looking! I'm not looking!

Bec said...

Lovely ;-) Just lovely ;-)

Bells said...

cute projects galore!!!

Michelle said...

Oh, that's a pretty book!

Keep seducing me with your posts. I'm enjoying living vicariously through you!

Kuka said...

Oooh, that book looks GORGEOUS!
And I hear you on the hats =s