Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a new start

Firstly thank you for all those lovely comments. All the reasons people gave for blogging ring true for me also. It is good motivation, it is wonderful to feel part of a community, it reminds me to keep an eye on what everyone else is up to and to be inspired in what I do, it feels good to keep a record, and I get to show off what I finish to people who appreciate it.
Now I have started to increase my return effort by updating my follow list and spreading the love.

And now I have a dilemma I need help with. I was planning to start a wrap a few weeks ago but just couldn't get overly excited about what I was about to start - and I desperately wanted to finish off a couple of things. I have finally finished Flair a (I promise a photo once it is blocked, which will be next week). It still needs the perfect buttons - so I will be making a visit here.

But now I have startitis. So many choices I can hardly breathe with anticipation. I cannot, cannot make a decision and I fly out tonight needing to take something other than the socks I am working on. Last night I visited the wonderful library at Canberra Spinners and Weavers and found more things to get excited about from a wonderful book called Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. The book provides patterns and stories from shawl traditions around the world.

more choices!

What really excites me is that it has quite a few wraps that are not at all 'pretty', fussy or girly because in my procrastination over starting the falling leaves wrap I have realised I just can't see myself wearing a particularly lacy wrap, nor a triangular one.

so here are a couple of options:
- from Norway - and I would do it as a rectangle wrap not a blanket! - or this?-

and this next one is pretty stunning even if I won't be making it. I can't decide if it is more because I am a sucker for green or it is simply gorgeous.

What is a sprout to do?


Rose Red said...

I was just looking through this book today myself!!! Ha! Snap!

I think all of those are winners, although the Irish shawl would be a lot more knitting. Me, from that book I'm quite partial to the Kimono shawl, the wool peddler shawl and the triangular feather and fan shawl (I think it is the combo of colours in that one that really gets me). I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices!

Melissa said...

Me.I like the middle one. Could be the colour. Though I do love the green Irish one. I just think I'd get more out of the rectangle one. All gorgeous. All winners.

Michelle said...

Pick Box 2! Box 2!

I can't get excited by triangular shawls either. Nice to make, nice to look at, but they don't agree with me when I try to wear them. I think perhaps I am reminded by the old Italians nonnas in Home Hill, heading to the shops for their fortnightly shopping.

Sarah said...

I vote for falling leaves as I need some inspiration to do mine :o)

Leonie said...

What is a sprout to do??? Drool!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, they are all amazing! What should you do? I think you should pick the one that just excites you the most, possibly tempered with whether you would actually wear it.

dr k said...

i am too late for your trip, but i agree about the red one. i cant wear triangles, dont suit me at all, but i am finding round ones quite nice, easy to work with. but that middle one is gorgeous. do it!