Sunday, May 17, 2009

a little more

of our Melbourne break - which did include some work, but then even the work was quite something.
When I wasn't at meetings we did what we do in Melbourne - I drank coffee - the pirate had milkshakes, we looked at shops, opp shops, at art and at tried not to spend all my money.

We both found treasure. Good, Good treasure. The pirate and opp shop with jewels and me - a retro fabric shop.

And then we did what all people do in Melbourne, right?
We turned a giant vegetable into a baby named Jim Clary Hawkins.

Sadly he was abandoned at the airport.

and Flair had its first outing - unblocked but still devine to wear. It did end up pilling quite badly unfortunately.

worn with some Melbourne purchases

and as an aside - this time my crochet hook was confiscated on the plane. rats.


Sarah said...

Looks like a great trip and how nice for Flair that she got to go along too!

Rose Red said...

Oh, that fabric store looks very cool! As does your Flair - like the buttons very much!

Bells said...

ooh the pirate looks like he had great fun, too. Lots of orange in this post! he he. Love Flair. Looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Good find with the fabric shop. I didn't know about it and I live in Melbourne. Mind you Northcote isn't exactly local to me.

Where else did you go?

Michelle said...

You found Flashback Fabrics! I'm so impressed! I love that place, but they have such odd opening hours that whenever I go there (and to check out the second hand shops on High St) they are always closed.

The orange flair is beautiful. And I think having your hook confiscated really sucks. Evil airline.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I've had my wooden crochet hook escorted off the plane by security. Glad to mee tyou and no need to send it to me.. Just send it straight to the NGA. Save on postage!