Sunday, April 12, 2009


a 2 hour flight north to green - the grandparent's place

I dyed some green to bring with me for a start on the fallen leaves wrap. Here is a shot of it on the line drying on Friday before we left.

It is still there.

And being green when it comes to crochet I took some on the plane with my Meet Me at Mikes book for instruction, hoping, hoping that it would not be confiscated. It wasn't. An hour of crochet listing to podcasts of the Philosophers Zone was a lovely way to pass the time 10000m in the air in a tin tube. I made a neck scarf for my sister and here it is before a little finishing off.

And now a start on some green and pink cowgirl- interspersed with a little reading.

For the rest of the day I will do some more of that - after a little more show and tell - I finished the chemo hat knitting from yarn I spun myself - and I must say I am quite chuffed.

later today we are off to cocktails and squid along the beach at Noosa. yummmm


Rose Red said...

The chemo hat is great! Hope you have fun in Noosa.

Leonie said...

The chemo hat will be loved in it's new home, who wouldn't love a hand knitted with love gift like that? Fabulous colour too!
MMMmmmm Noosa, it's been too long have a great holiday :-)

Michelle said...

Oh, that green! I've almost forgotten what that looked like.

So glad you picked up crochet on the way up (and I'm glad they didn't stop you). All your creations look brilliant.

Have a great holiday!

Grand Purl Baa said...

Love the maroon hat/beanie. Very stylish. Hey. You crocheted on an plane!! Well done. I understand that the security rules regarding knitting are being revised. No longer a sin to knit on American flights and as we are wont to do everything they do.... That will be a day to celebrate the return of SENSE to the world.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a lovely time even without your fab green yarn - great work with the crochet