Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new ways with wool

It has been dreadfully hot here. In search of some air conditioning we took 5 kids to hang out at the National Museum. There we found treasure.

It was one of those shows that make you squeal with delight and hum inside. Some of the artists I had caught before - so it was such a buzz to stumble on this when I wasn't expecting it.

It is the most sumptuous, tactile and quirky collection of indigenous basket weaving I have seen.
It was all the better to see it with my sister in law who shares my love of this artform and even gave me a basket from Arnhem Land for christmas. serendipity.

look what can be done with wool.

It is on till June.
The work shown here is from the nma website and is by artists:
Fiona Gavino (Perth, WA)
Kantjupayi Benson (Blackstone, WA)
Phyliss Rogers (Jigalong, WA)


Bells said...

this might actually get me to the museum finally. I am ashamed to sya I've never been. Thanks for the heads up!

Rose Red said...

oh fantastic - I especially love the last basket!

Anonymous said...


Its 32 here and so humid...
A trip to Canberra?

ALmost there as this is so great. I hope they come to Sydney.

Olivia said...

Thanks! I must see this. Love the basketweaving.

Anonymous said...

Wow wow and wow again. Oh I wish I were close enough to go see it. Working in a museum myself, I know lots of people visit initially to escape the heat, but end up vowing to do so more often because they so enjoyed it.