Saturday, December 13, 2008

nearly ready

much christmas preparation has been happening around this little house.

last weekend we picked up a tree at the markets and the pirate, first mate and I made it glorious

this weekend the first mate's sister helped make a hallway length of wrapping paper - nice.

as for the gift making. I have almost finished. On my last pair of fetchings, one tea cosy to go and then I am done! I have even finished the toy to be part of the toy society drop next weekend.

And I folded the washing - all of it. The house is a tip - but then I can't have it all.


Bells said...

You've folded all the washing? Oh I wish. I just can't be arsed.

Great paper! What a tremendous idea!

Michelle said...

I think the Christmas preparation is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. And I'm so glad that this year packing the car for a long trip isn't on the preparation list!