Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a christmas drop

One of the magical things about christmas is the delight that comes from getting or giving a surprise gift. This year I signed up for the Toy Society Christmas. I made a little rooster. His name is Roger.

I took him up to the local shops Sunday afternoon and waited around for a quiet moment.

I took some time.

But I managed to leave Roger here.

While I was lurking I spotted another across the street in a park outside some flats. How likely is it that there would be two toy society drops at the same time in the same location?

The other was from the wonderful quilting mick. I faced a small challenge. I found a toy and felt the delight and technically could keep it. I thought of the niece back at my house who would be quite taken with the beautiful elephant. I left it behind though - I can make her something and this toy was meant for someone who has no idea of the toy society and would therefore be even more delighted than me.

Roger was gone the next morning and so was the elephant. I hope the are making someone happy.


Michelle said...

Ooh yes - I feel like a naughty spy when I do a Toy Society drop! And the feeling of elation and relief when you see your toy gone is quite astounding!

I love Roger the Rooster. I wonder who took him home?

The Toy Society said...

I wonder too! I think it's hilarious you both chose the same location - how did I miss that when I was building the map?

Merry Christmas!