Monday, October 6, 2008

a great weekend

This long weekend the pirate, a friend and I went to Sea Dog City (aka Albury).

lots of people I mentioned the trip to, in fact everyone, were puzzled at the choice, but this area is wonderful. The weekend was full of fun exploration and great coffee everywhere we went - so what's not to like. It was also a great time for relaxing and getting in lots of knitting. I even made it to the heal of my first socks, and got to take laptop bag version 2 for its first outing (this one worked).
the laptop stayed in the bag.

We went to Yackandandah and browsed the vintage clothes and objects shops - and amongst other things saw a wonderful collection of tablecloths. I love a vintage tablecloth and have a few myself so these were a delight. yum.

We spent some time in gorgeous Beechworth. I couldn't not go to the Ardent Alpaca and shop up just a little, really, could I? - I have just ordered a bit of yarn online in the past week so tried to keep it modest. The woman who served me was just wonderful, and very obviously a knitter, with tips for online knitting sources that will keep me happy for quite some time.

Then today we spent hours at the new gallery and museum in Albury. If you are near Albury go there - the museum is one of the best I have seen with fantasic interactive displays and the library had a great nook full of cushions which kept the pirate very happy while I got to read about knitting and poultry from the many books available. In fact it had the best library knitting collection I have seen so far.

The only bit of the weekend which could be improved on would be a great place to stay. We stayed somewhere very smart - which my parents would adore. What we wanted we could not find - a funky retro shack with comfy lounges, indirect lighting, facilities to indulge in some cooking, a verandah to drink wine on, and cheap, rather than nice pretend victorian in the suburbs. Any suggestions for next time or am I being far too fussy? - there will definitely be a next time and I can't wait.


Bells said...

oh what a lovely trip! I like that part of the world too and Quilting Mick and others have raved about the Ardent Alpaca. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I love that part of the world. Well I'm a bit biased as my family are from the Upper Murray area and my dad grew up in Albury. I love Beechworth and the Ardent Alpacca too. Definitely worth a visit. :) Glad you had a good trip. As you can see I finally found your blog (no thanks to blogger!! grr). :))

Georgie said...

My parents live near Albury, so Im familiar with the region, and we love it. Glad you had such a great trip!

Anonymous said...

there is a kid friendly b and b in albury - i forget the name tho - will pop back if i find it